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Nanchang Institute of Technology
  Nanchang Institute of Technology (NIT), approved by the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China and invested by Nanchang Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, received authorization from the Ministry of Education to be a private full-time undergraduate college. It is located at No. 901, Yingxiong Avenue, National Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province and the Code is 12795. NIT
  NIT dates from May, 1999 when it was known as Jiangxi Aerospace & Technology College. Afterwards, it was officially approved by Jiangxi Provincial People's Government and named Jiangxi Vocational College of Aerospace & Technology in April, 2001. The current name, Nanchang Institute of Technology, was conferred in 2005 by the State Ministry of Education and has been used ever since. NIT was entitled the academic degree granting authority ratified by Jiangxi Academic Degree Committee to confer Bachelor’s degree in April 2009.
  NIT enjoys a favorable circumstance. Its campus occupies a total area of 2,862,500 square meters, 984,100 square meters of which are the building area. The total value of the teaching facilities is up to 157 million Yuan. The library has a collection of more than 2.65 million volumes. The enrollment of NIT has covered many provinces (cities and autonomous regions) and the number of students is up to 24,698 now, among which 13,071 are undergraduates.
  NIT has 13 schools (Computer and Information Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Electronics and Information, Economics and Management, Arts, Media, Foreign Languages, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Architecture and Engineering, Solar Photoelectric Engineering, Arts and Law and Physical Education) with 32 specialties for undergraduates and 61 for three-year associate students, 2 of which are for science, 17 for engineering, 4 for management and 2 for law and pedagogy respectively; Presently, NIT has gradually developed multi-disciplinary programs dominated in engineering and coordinated in management, literature, science, law, science, economics, and education and has established a fairly good discipline construction, covering 1 national-level featured specialty, namely Computer Science and Technology, 6 provincial characteristic specialty constructions such as electronics and information, business administration, mechanical design, manufacturing & automation, English, marketing management and artistic design; 2 university-level key disciplines of the 12th five-year plan.
  NIT boasts a well-organized and high-quality teaching staff of 1,338, among whom 102 are professors, 375 associate professors, 1 provincial distinguished teacher, 19 provincial young and middle-aged academic leaders, 2 provincial teaching teams. Furthermore, NIT has employed more experts and scholars as specially employed professors or part-time professors, among whom Wang Zikun and OUyang Ziyuan, academicians of Chinese academy of sciences, act as the first director of academic committee and director of Science and technology innovation committee respectively, Shi Ping, academician of Chinese academy of engineering, the director of discipline construction committee.
The leading institution consists of 7 council members, 10 chief administrative staff and 8 members of Party Committee, among whom 2 were the presidents of the key universities, 1 CPC Party Secretary of the key comprehensive universities under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, 10 professors and 1 researcher with the professional titles and 3 have Ph. D degrees. Professor Qiu Xiao-lin, Ph.D in Materials Science, member of Communist Party, legal person & board chairman of Nanchang Institute of Technology (NIT), is a member of Standing Committee of Jiangxi Political Consultative Congress, National Natural Science Fund Committee and the regent of Jiangxi Higher Education Setting Committee. Meanwhile, he acts as the vice chairman of Jiangxi Industry and Commerce Association and is named “Jiangxi Young and Mid-aged Academic Leading Figure of Higher Education”. Yang Xiu-ying, M.A and Ph.D candidate, professor in educational science, is the member of Communist Party and board of Nanchang Institute of Technology. She is the winner of the special government allowance and is listed in the “Millions of New Century’s Talents of Jiangxi Province” Project and “Nanchang Municipal Talent for Outstanding Contributions”.
  Attaching great importance to the construction of teaching, NIT has gained many an achievement with the educational orientation of serving local economy-society development, following the goals of training high-quality application-oriented talents, pursuing the ideology of educating and quality first. Besides, there exists one national-level vocational training base, 2 provincial innovative testing sites, 3 demonstrating centers for experimental teaching. To meet the need of training application-oriented talents, NIT adopts effective measures, reforms traditional teaching systems, adjusts course structure, updates the teaching contents, innovate  teaching methods, reinforces practical teaching and develops into the training mode of courses system highlighting the applicable skills and overall participation.
  Due to the great achievements made recently, NIT has gained a strong support, attention and high praise from the CPC Central Committee and the People’s government of Jiangxi province. Leaders of the Central Committee such as Wen Jiabao, Chen Zhili, Meng Jianzhu, Hu Deping, Zhou Ji, Yuan Guiren as well as other leaders such as Hu Meihua and Su Rong paid specific visits to and pinned their hopes on NIT successively. Chen Zhili, vice-chairman of Standing Committee of National People’s Congress, also inspected NIT during his tenure as Minister of Educational Ministry and spoke highly of the beauty and magic. Su Rong, party secretary of Jiangxi province, praised NIT for the specific running mode and professional setting, students’ strong operating abilities and high rate of first employment.
  Therefore, NIT was named the provincial outstanding university, exemplary university of national safe campus and education & teaching management. Besides, it is awarded as Provincial Advanced University of Comprehensive Administration of Social Security. Its party committee received the title of provincial advanced party organization and the League Committee won the honor of May Fourth Red-banner League.